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Cold Drawn Tubing
LUEN JIN Cold Drawn Tubing is manufactured to tight tolerances with controlled surface finishes.

Typical uses would be in hydraulic and gas cylinder applications.

Current size range is 5/16" O.D. to 2-3/4" O.D.


Typical Applications

Precesion Mechanical Tubing

Gas Cylinder Tubing

Hydraulic Cylinder Tubing

Cold Drawn Heat Exchanger Tubing


Our products have extensively applied to various hydraulic and pneumatic mechanical products, various alloy steel precision pipes, and tubular parts in various shapes.

Product Applications : ( Usage examples )
 For Vehicles: shock absorber, open stay, piston pin, fuel/hydraulic piping.
For Motorcycles: oil cushion unit, front fork.
For Bicycles: frame, sleeves.
For Exerciser: hydraulic cylinder, gas lift.
For Furniture: chair lift, door closer.
Other Usages: jack oil, locker, and air conditioner....

For Vehicles For Bicycles For Funiture

For Motorcycles For Exerciser For Other Usages

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